Rules for the event Red Bull 64 Bars Live

By proceeding with the purchase of the tickets for this event I declare to have read and agreed to the following Rules laid down by the Event Organizer:

a) The Event Organizer can modify the capacity of the venue by reducing or increasing the social distancing required by the current regulation at the moment of the purchase and can apply the restrictions of any ministerial decrees.

b) According to new legal obligations, the Event Organizer will have the possibility to set different rules of access to the venue. The Customer must comply with the rules, otherwise it will not be possible to participate in the event without a refund of the access ticket for the event.

1 Is forbidden to bring into the show blunt objects, weapons, food, drinks, audio and video recording instruments, tablet, PC, Powerbanks and other battery chargers. At the entrance of the venue there will be a security check with a metal detector and searches by the security.

2 Personal belongings (bags, jackets, etc) must be kept by the spectator. Helmets, bikes, glass and large bags and backpacks are forbidden.

3 It is not possible to photograph and to do audio and video recordings with any tool.

4 The ticket holder consents and authorize any future use of the audio and video recordings and photographs which may portray him as a part of the audience,

5 Smoking is prohibited inside the area of the event.

6 The ticket constitutes the access ticket of the show and is strictly personal. The digital ticket must be kept in a safe place to prevent duplication and counterfeiting; the spectator who from a control result without a ticket must pay again the price of entrance. The ticketing system can modify online the identity of each ticket holder with the Rename service: the admission of the concert will be allowed only to nominative ticket holder. The Resale service allows to resell the tickets throughout the platform. The Resale and Rename services have a cost of 2 euros and will be active until October 4, 2022 at 11.59 PM. Ater the Resale or Rename process will be inhibited the access of the original ticket. For further information please read here.

7 The digital ticket eTicket will be sent to the ticket holders on October 5 2022 by email and will be available in the section My Orders on

8 Those who purchase the access tickets assume the responsibility of the truth and accuracy of the personal datas used at the moment of the transaction in relation to names, surnames, contact details (email and/or phone number) of the user of each access ticket. Those who purchase the access ticket will responds in case of false or mandated statement as regulated by the art. 76 of D.P.R. 445/2000. Everyone under the age of 16 y.o. must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

9 The event organizer reserves the right to request the presentation of a valid identity document. Since the ticket is nominative, is mandatory to bring to the event a valid identity document. The Event Organizer can deny the access to those without a valid identity document.


10 The program, the location, the date and the times of the show can undergo changes without incurring a refund. The ticket holder is invited to get information about any changes. The refund is not allowed, except for decision of the Event Organizer or cancellation of the show. The refund will be done according to the method indicated by the Event Organizer to those entitled net to commission fees from the website where the ticket was purchased.

11 At the end of the event is mandatory to strictly follow the instructions of the staff to ensure the compliance with the outflow procedures.

12 Is forbidden to yield the access ticket under pecuniary interests, using it as an intermediary or for commercials, advertising or promotional purposes.

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