Change Name Terms and Conditions


1.1 Ticketmaster Italia s.r.l. (“Ticketmaster”), with registered office in Milan (MI), Via Pietrasanta n. 14, fiscal code and VAT number 09584690961, is a company specialized in the sale and distribution of tickets, both online and offline, for national and international events in live performances, cultural entertainment and sport areas.

1.2 Ticketmaster offers to users, who are registered on the website (“Website”) and hold valid entry tickets for an event, a Change Name service with Ticketmaster acting as an intermediary (“Change Name service”).

1.3 These general conditions regulate the terms and conditions of the Change Name Service.


2.1 The registered user seeking to use the Change Name Service (“Requesting User”) will have to access with their own credentials to the dedicated section of the Website and follow the instructions explained at the following link. The Change Name service will be accessible to the holder of the order and to the holder of the ticket, the latter only if previously registered.

2.2 As for tickets subject to the new regulations – requiring that full names of the ticket owners be indicated on each ticket and subsequently checked for matching at the event venue for live activities with more than 5000 participants – the owner of the account through which the Change Name service will be used must necessarily coincide with the name appearing on the ticket or, if different from the aforementioned individual, with the name of the holder of the order of the ticket to be renamed; otherwise, the system will detect an inconsistency and will not allow the user to proceed.

2.3 It is necessary to provide both the reference data of the user and of the ticket bearing the name of the holder and its fiscal seal.

2.4 If the ticket the User wishes to change is a traditional physical one, you will have to send the original ticket back to Ticketmaster in advance, so that the Change name service may be initiated.

2.5 By way of exception, as long as the current COVID-19 pandemic persists, each ticket may also be forwarded to Ticketmaster by means of photographs or scans to be uploaded according to the instructions explained at the following form (LINK FORM) , as in application of SIAE directions (guidelines updated to 16 June 2021) (for further information see FAQ) and by Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency) in line with legal advice received on 12 May 2020.

2.6 Without prejudice to the provisions of art. 2.4, the Requesting User is required nevertheless to keep the ticket in their possession intact; once the Change Name payment is successful, Ticketmaster will send them an e-mail specifying detailed instructions and re-delivery time.

2.7 The shipping of traditional physical tickets to Ticketmaster headquarters will be mandatory once the state of emergency due the pandemic is lifted and will be carried out under the responsibility of and at the expense of the Requesting User, as for every other expense related to the Change Name service.


3.1 The cost of the Change Name Service will be equal to € 3.00 for each ticket.

3.2 The cost of the service will be refundable only if the service is not processed and for reasons attributable to Should a request be submitted without the necessary requirements, no refund will be issued.

3.3 Under no circumstances will service fees and potential shipping fees incurred at the time of purchase be refunded.


4.1 Should the Change Name be successful, Ticketmaster will send an e-mail to inform the Requesting User of the occurred change and the re-delivery procedure of the ticket with the new name.

4.2 Upon completion of the Change Name, Ticketmaster will proceed to void the original ticket and to issue a new one with the requested name; therefore, the original ticket will be no longer valid to attend the event. Any attempt to access with an invalid ticket will be prosecuted according to current laws.


5.1 If the Requesting User does not fulfil the necessary requirements or has not provided the requested documents within the expiration date established for the Change Name, the Change Name itself will be considered unsuccessful; the ticket is thus to be considered still valid for the event.

5.2 Any ticket received by Ticketmaster during the Change Name procedures and not processed within the required terms, will be stored by Ticketmaster in accordance with the law. Such ticket will not be shipped back under any circumstances. In some cases, it might be sent back to you by e-mail in the way of an eTicket.

5.3 The Change Name request will be automatically cancelled if the event of the ticket is cancelled or rescheduled, or if the holder of the order has submitted a request for a refund or for a voucher for the same ticket.


6.1 You may request the Change Name service only within the time limits established in agreement with the Partner of the event.

6.2 The Change Name process requires accurate and thorough checks. Ticketmaster is not to be considered liable for the result of the Change Name request itself, nor for the technical timing necessary.

6.3 Such timing may vary depending on the delivery option chosen during the purchase, on the ticket type and other unforeseeable reasons.


7.1 These present general conditions can be modified at any given moment. Users are invited to consult the dedicated section on the Website before using the Change Name Service.

7.2 Even if not specifically disciplined here, it is possible to view Ticketmaster General Terms and Conditions (available here) that may be applied in any case to every product and service purchased on the website

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