General Conditions of Accademia Internazionale Calcio SSDRL 2021/2022

General Conditions

New rules for the access to the competitions:
  • It won’t be possible to buy the tickets onsite;
  • The tickets will be valid only for the competition purchased;
  • The spectators need to leave the arena at the end of the competition, to give access to the audience of the following competition;
  • Social distancing will be use for families, cohabiting and relatives even with minors (who must purchase a ticket) until new provisions of the Italian Government or of the Federation;
  • The tickets purchased won’t be refunded, even if unused;
  • After leaving the venue, the re-entry is at the discretion of the management and will be allowed only for necessity reasons;
  • A valid name and surname of the spectators are required for the purchase.
At the entrance, the spectator:
  • Will need a mask and MUST wear it for all the time spent inside the venue;
  • The temperature will be measured (<37.5°);
  • Will need a Green Pass for COVID-19 (the staff will check the validity).

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