ROSA Production Event's Organizer Terms & Conditions


By proceeding with the purchase of tickets for this event I declare that I accept that:
as a result of any changes in the current regulations relating to the COVID-19 emergency, and in compliance with the same, the Organiser will:

a) change the capacity of the venue;
b) change the position of the seats purchased, reducing, cancelling or increasing the inter-personal distance provided at the time of purchase;
c) advance or postpone the starting time of the Event;
d) establishe different rules for access to the venue, in compliance with the applicable rules, to which I will have to comply with, otherwise I will not be able to participate to the Event.

I specifically accept and acknowledge that with reference to points a), b), c) and d), which do not depend on the Organiser's will, there will be no refund of the ticket in any case.
I am aware that in order to gain access to the event it will be necessary to show my Green Pass or Super Green Pass readable by the national verification app "VerificaC19", or a negative result of a tampon in accordance with the regulations in force on the date of the performance. The certification must be shown at the entrance in digital or paper format together with a valid identity document.

Access will only be allowed if wearing a mask (and/or other PPE) with the characteristics and type prescribed by the regulations in force on the date of the event.
I am also aware and accept that the organiser may decide to limit access according to my body temperature, which must not exceed 37.5 degrees centigrade.
I am aware that the personal data for registration on the pre-sales system will be used, where necessary in relation to actions to contain contagion, for attendance tracking operations at the event.
For this reason, I confirm the accuracy of the data entered into the system.

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